Great Bear Sailing Adventures


Grizzly Bear Safari

For a genuine wilderness experience
watch bears in their natural habitat

Starting Sept 1st until Nov 1st.
Perfect for small groups.


$3750. 3 days/2 nights for up to 4 people. Fully inclusive.

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Discover the dramatic effects Autumn
has in the Great Bear Rainforest

Watch grizzly & black bears feeding on salmon.

Spend the day scouting out grizzlies in our 12ft. Zodiac.
Relax in the evening aboard our very comfortable yacht.


Bears aren't the only things out there.

We frequently see:

Orcas & Humpback Whales

Pacific White-sided Dolphins

Steller Sealions & Seals

Bald Eagles & Migrating Birds

Our Grizzly Bear Safaris operate during the most optimum time of year when rivers & creeks are teeming with wild salmon.
Explore pristine wilderness estuaries with remote chances of ever seeing other people.

Great Bear Sailing Adventures offers the only remote bear viewing tour out of Bella Coola.

$3750. 3 days/2 nights for up to 4 people.
Guests sleep onboard. Fully inclusive.

Sept 20th - Oct 20th only.